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" Thank you for changing my furnace and A/C such a trouble free experience! I was able to get my rebate cheques 2 weeks before I had to make a first payment and I have seen instant difference on my gas bill. "

- Ken Ng

"I truly appreciated the ease and simplicity of full service home improvement experience - estimate, energy audit, installation - all at my convinience! Thanks to my new tankless water heater, now two people in the house can take a shower at the same time!"

- Bill Watergate

"It was a pleasure doing business with you. My wife is happy about our carbon footprint being reduced. I am happy about the money being saved. Thank you. "

- Shiva Kapoor

"It's always nice to save money when you are retired. It is even nicer to know we are doing our bit for our grandchildren's children. Thank you for your advice, help, and services."

- Ethel and Terence J.
  • Is it Time For an Upgrade? How To Tell Your HVAC Units are Petering Out

    No one can say for sure that your heating , cooling, and ventilation system is in need of an overhaul; no one except yourself. The fact remains, however, that a majority of homeowners have no idea that their systems are on the brink of collapse, and they’re wasting thousands of dollars every year running lemons […]

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  • A Flood? In Your Home? It’s More Likely Than You Think

    With a few heavy rainstorms late in June, fears abound that we could be facing a repeat of 2013’s Toronto Storm. While we may or may not be seeing another catastrophic flood in Southern Ontario this year, it helps to be prepared for any potential floods that could damage your property and possessions. Preventing a […]

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  • Is Your Home A Health Risk?

    Home is where health starts. Environmental risks are a primary cause of irritation, discomfort, and serious health issues. If you’re not careful, your home can be a cause of some serious health issues, especially when it comes to your home heating and cooling systems. Use the following guidelines to check if your home is at […]

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  • Good Air Flow is a Breeze With These No-Cost Tips

    Most homes have inadequate air flow, resulting in weakened or nonexistent cooling in many parts of the home. If you don’t assess the air quality in your home periodically, you could be losing as much as 30% of your heating and cooling costs – money thrown out the window. Luckily here are some easy tricks […]

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  • Cool Summer Forecast in Ontario – Are Your HVAC Units Prepared?

    We all recall the Ice Storm of December last year, and the following Polar Vortex that heralded one of the coldest winters in Ontario history. So while most of us look forward to a hot summer, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Luckily, the coming summer is scheduled to be relatively mild […]

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  • Six Reasons to Consider Natural Gas for Your Home Comfort

    Too many homes in Ontario rely on outdated and dangerous oil furnaces for home and hot water heating needs. Not only are these outdated technologies just plain inferior to keep your home comfort, they’re also financially a huge burden on families that still use them. For those still on the fence whether or not upgrading […]

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  • Keep a Lid on Air Leaks and Water Leaks

    A leak is a mark of serious problem with the energy efficiency of your home, whether it be an air leak or a water leak. Not only can any form of leak cause you to waste unnecessary gas and electricity to heat and cool your home, leaks can also cause significant property damage if not […]

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  • For Mother’s Day – Help Your Mom With Her Home Comfort

    Do-It-Yourself projects are just that: for yourself. But in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, Ontario Energy Group wants you to help our around the house – your mother’s house. Spend your weekend helping your mom improve her home comfort with these energy saving home improvements. Nothing shows you care like doing your chores, right? […]

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  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Hot Water

    Even as the season heats up and we begin to move into Summer, hot water is still a very important commodity that we often take for granted. And now that we’ve seen a price hike in natural gas, it’s more important than ever that we take advantage of some helpful ways to conserve our hot […]

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  • air conditioner unit

    Getting Your Heating and Cooling Ready for Summer

    Spring is finally here, as Ontario sees the last of snowfall and winter storms. Things are starting to warm up a bit, so most homeowners are breaking out their air conditioners. April and May are months where it can be hot during the day ad cool during the night, so Ontario Energy Group would like […]

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  • Reflecting On A Sustainable Ontario for Earth Day 2014

    Nothing inspires worry or anxiety quite like when we think about the environment. Ever since Earth Day’s origin in 1970, the environment had just entered public consciousness as a serious issue. Forty-four years later and our concerns about the environment haven’t changed. But have our efforts? Earth Day 2014 is celebrated on April 22nd, so […]

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