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The amount of carbon monoxide produced by households across Ontario steadily increases each year. The cost of keeping your home well lit and at a comfortable temperature steadily increases as well. Why not reduce both? It benefits our budgets, the government, and the environment on a whole.

If your home is older than 10 years: the simplest, most efficient and the most cost-effective strategy to lower energy bills and carbon waste is to replace outdated AC, furnace or water heaters with new, significantly more energy-efficient models.

Thanks to new incentives from the Ontario provincials and utilities regulators, there are ways to replace those at little to no cost after you account for energy savings. OEG can get you various federal and provincial rebates and incentives programs for your home utilities and helps you put them to use.

These programs were designed to save you money and to protect the environment. It is our mission to increase energy efficiency of residential dwellings across Ontario, making homes across the province budget and eco-friendly.


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