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Six Reasons to Consider Natural Gas for Your Home Comfort

Too many homes in Ontario rely on outdated and dangerous oil furnaces for home and hot water heating needs. Not only are these outdated technologies just plain inferior to keep your home comfort, they’re also financially a huge burden on families that still use them. For those still on the fence whether or not upgrading to a natural gas furnace and heater are the right choices, here’s six reasons you’ll be saving in the long run.

Oil Heating is Expensive

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Despite recent interim price hikes, natural gas still remains cheaper than oil when it comes to your home heating solutions. Over the last four years, Ontario homeowners have seen a staggering 60% increase in oil prices, and prices are set to continue to rise without relief into the future. While natural gas is currently in a temporary rate hike, the costs of gas are still negligible compared to the expensive price tag that oil carries.

Natural Gas Is More Efficient

Natural gas is among the most energy efficient of all fuels available to us, with high efficiency furnaces capable of burning with up to 92% efficiency, with even mid-grade efficiency furnaces burning at around 85% AFUE rating efficiency. To compare, even weatherized oil furnaces burn only at about 78% efficiency due to the impurity and liquid nature of oil.

To put that in context: even the highest efficiency oil furnaces are still less efficient than the lowest efficiency gas furnaces.

Natural Gas is Environmentally Friendly

Though one day our society may be fossil-fuel free: it’s just not possible at this point in time. Natural gas has become incredibly popular as of late because it’s the perfect resource to be Ontario’s “bridge fuel”, the fuel that lets us move away from dirtier heating fuels like oil, coal, and wood, which generate up to twice as much carbon dioxide and pollutants.  These pollutants can have a negative impact on your home, your health, and your comfort.

Natural Gas Will Save On Your Energy Bills

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

With an oil furnace, you can expect to spend as much as three times more on your energy bills to heat your home as compared to an efficient natural gas heater. The financial impact speaks for itself, and properly transitioning from this outdated technology can help you make back your investment in as little as three years.

In addition, switching to an energy efficient home heating system can help you get access to energy-efficiency rebates offered by the Government of Ontario. These rebates aren’t a huge cash reward compared to your long-term savings, but they can ease the transition of a furnace swap considerably.

A Natural Gas System Will Boost Your Property Value

You may not live in your home forever. But even if you don’t expect to own your home for much longer, a natural gas furnace is perhaps on the biggest ways to boost the value of your property for resale without doing any significant work around the home by yourself. As old oil furnaces begin to fall apart, older homes are declining in value amid a surging housing market. Replacing outdated oil exchange systems is one way to keep your home competitive in the market.

A Higher Degree of Home Comfort With Gas

The high efficiency and powerful heat exchange of gas furnaces and boilers provide a smoother, more comfortable, and more even heat distribution compared to other forms of home heating. A shower running hot water from a gas boiler can redistribute hot water 63% faster than through an electrical system, allowing your showers to remain hotter while costing less.

The flexibility, low price, and environmentally friendly aspects of natural gas can’t be overstated. In a world concerned with energy efficiency and greener alternative, natural gas remains the most competitive way to enjoy all the comforts of home, while ensuring that you burn clean and safe.