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Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch Launches

In March of this year, Ontario Energy Group launched a consumer advocacy website, known as Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch.

The Ontario energy business has been an industry that, for years, has come to be known as the wild west of Ontario business. Unregulated and unpertubed in its conduct, the energy market can seem complex and confusing for many homeowners. With the oversight of business conduct left in the hands of a opportunists and biased parties, there’s very little opportunity for consumers to get just the facts about the business and how it operates.

Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch is a pro-consumer watch dog site that examines what really goes in with the deregulated energy business, and gives consumers nothing but the straight talk.

It is also dedicated to helping consumers learn more about how to avoid scams, give them tips for dealing with salespeople at the door, and helping them make positive changes in their household and their life to be more environmentally friendly in everything they do.

Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch is also an open submission for consumers and homeowners to express their concerns and complaints. Submissions are handled by a dedicated response team which responds to concerns and provides open forum tips to dealing with these concerns as they arise.

For submissions and inquiries as to the nature of Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch, we invite you to complete a form at it’s new website.